Pinning and Planning Our Dinner Menu – Week of March 8

Spring came early in the Run DMT house last week, because Iron Chef Allan got a bee in his bonnet. Or perhaps I should say, a hornet in his chef’s hat.

Either way, he had a hankering to make black beans from scratch using dried beans instead of canned beans, like we have always done for years. Our canned black beans recipe is great for those quick evenings, but given a little time and a little planning, a black beans recipe made with dried beans are definitely better.

The secret is letting the black beans soak overnight. After that, the recipe is pretty much the same as the one listed under Run DMT recipes, but the difference with using dried beans is that it produces this gorgeous stewed texture.  I’ll share the recipe in another post because Iron Chef Allan’s delicious recipe definitely needs to be shared.

With Allan traveling this week, I requested his dried black beans recipe because I would have a huge pot of beans ready to go for dinner this week. If stored in an air-tight container, the beans will last for about a week or the beans can also be frozen to use for a quick dinner on another night months from now.

And since Allan is traveling this week, those beans will be used in two dinners this week as well as toppings on my salad for lunch. Plus, my youngest daughter enjoys eating black beans and rice for lunch. A dinner that offers many meals throughout the week is a winner-winner black bean dinner to me!

And given that I will be holding down the fort for flying solo parenting, this week’s dinner menu consists of quick easy meals. Here’s our dinner menu for the week:

Sunday – Grilled Orange Ginger Chicken Wings served with Asian-Style Broccoli Slaw

Meatless MondayBlack Beans and Rice

Taco Tuesday – Baked Chicken Parmesan Sammies served with a Zoodles and Tomato Salad

Wednesday – Skinnytaste’s Orecchiette with Chicken Sausage, Baby Kale and Bell Pepper  (The Skinnytaste Cookbook)

Thursday – Black Bean Pepper Jack Quesadillas and a Mixed Greens Salad

Friday – Dinner at Taps followed by Potted Potter at the Straz

Run DMT Pinning and Planning Dinner MenuWhat’s  one of your favorite “made from scratch” meals that lasts for days for you? What recipes are you pinning and planning? What’s on your dinner menu this week?


  1. Kate says:

    I always make all of my beans from dried beans and freeze them they are so much cheaper and I am so sensitive to the salt and preservatives in those cans that I will swell up like a balloon for days! haha Looks like a nice easy week, good luck solo parenting for a few days! 🙂

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