Heart-Healthy Valentine’s Day Cards with Envy Apples

Let’s face it. Valentine’s Day is just another manufactured holiday by the candy companies to make you buy and eat sweets. If you made any healthy resolutions to cut back on sweets, your overall sugar intake and making healthier food choices with regards to your diet, then Valentine’s Day can be an extremely challenging holiday.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t deprive my family of chocolate hearts on Valentine’s Day. I’m not that cruel or anti-consumerism! I simply try to limit the sugar intake for my family and find healthier ways to celebrate the lovefest without it becoming an overindulgence sugarfest.

For one thing, I have scaled down the candy consumption over the years by creating our own non-candy Valentine’s Day card with my kids. You can see last year’s fun Valentine’s Day cards here.

Envy Apple Valentines

This year, through a partnership with Envy Apple, my kids and I proudly created some super healthy and extremely clever, cute Valentine’s Day, if I do say so myself. By letting our creative apple juices flow for apple-centered Valentines, we’re encouraging other kids to make healthy choices this holiday, too.

Envy Apple Valentines-2

Rather than sharing junky dollar store toys attached to cards, we’re sharing our love for healthy foods like Envy Apples. Kids (and big kids like me) love the crisp, sweet crunch of Envy Apples, a delicious combination of Braeburn and Royal Gala apples.

No Candy, Healthy Valentine's Day Cards with Envy Apples - Run DMT

From the funny apple puns to the beautiful apple art my oldest drew in her Paint Tool Sai program, I am truly proud of the creativity my kids put into these cards. Using PicMonkey, we designed the cards. Then, we downloaded the designs and copied/pasted them all into a document to print cards. Once printed, the cards were then cut with a guillotine and then each card was paired with a crisp, fresh Envy Apple for healthy Valentine’s Day for their friends and classmates.

Apple Valentine's Day Cards - Run DMT - Make healthier Valentine's Day cards with Envy Apples

Click here to download a printable class set of apple Valentine’s Day cards.

For more Valentine’s Day Pinspirations, follow my Valentine’s Day Pinterest Board and check out a few of my previous Valentine’s Day posts.

How will you make Valentine’s Day a healthier holiday this year?

Envy Apple Valentine - Run DMT

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