Five Reasons to Run a Virtual Race

If you haven’t heard the news, I scaled the miles way back during my fat loss journey. While I still love to run, I limit myself to only one run a week. Lately, that once a week run averages about 3 miles. And I’m totally good that.

With reducing my time and distance running, I’m no longer pressuring myself to “kill it” each time I go out by attempting to run faster and faster. Instead, I’m just enjoying the run. Maybe I will slowly creep back up to six miles. Who knows? But for now, I’m starting over with the 5K distance and I’m quite content there.

Even though, I’m not running as many miles each week, I still dream about races. Runners become pretty addicted to the bling and endorphins of races, don’t we?

During this whole Stay-At-Home experience, I have noticed a lot of my neighbors running more. It’s like January 1 all over again when people make resolutions to run more. The sidewalks are full of responsible social distancing runners and walkers and it is really great to see people being motivated to move…at safe and healthy distances through the streets.

Maybe some are rediscovering running or maybe some are new to running. None of that matters. All that matters is that people are using running and walking to help them cope during tough times.

Maybe months before, some these same neighbors set out to run a 5K but that 5K may have been cancelled. Sadly, so many races have been cancelled due to Covid-19

But we should not lose hope or become depressed about races that are no longer happening. We should celebrate that we are healthy and able to be out there pounding the pavement. Additionally, we should also support the races that are offering virtual options.

I remember when my OB advised me not to run a marathon during my third pregnancy. She said, “There will always be another marathon. It’s more important to stay healthy.”

She was right. There will always be another race. And there were.

So, in the spirit of moving forward and other races, why not make that “other race” a virtual one?

There are so many great benefits to running a virtual race. Here are five reasons why you should run a virtual race during the Covid-19 quaratine.

Five Reasons to Run a Virtual Race

Great Motivation

Once you submit the payment and register for a race, you commit yourself to running it and that can be a great motivator for some. If you are training for a race later this year, signing up for a virtual race will help keep you on track with your training. Sign up and slip a 5K or 10K right into your half marathon training plan or even a half marathon into your marathon for later this year.

Awesome Swag

The better virtual races offer many of the same perks as organized races, like gorgeous bling, t-shirts and bibs. Some have adjustable fees if you prefer to save money on the swag and just run.


From free to a bit more pricey, you can find a virtual race for every budget! Given that virtual races lack the logistics of a road race, the cost of a virtual race can often be slighter cheaper than a road race. And as I mentioned above, some virtual races have adjustable fees, if you prefer to commit to the run and save money on the swag.

Charity Partner

Many virtual races benefit a charity and help raise money for that charity. Sometimes all race proceeds will be donated or a designated portion of your race fee will be donated to a designated charity.

Fits Your Schedule

The best part of a virtual race is the fact you can choose when and where you want to run. If you’re not a morning person, run in the evening. If you prefer to run during the week, run your virtual race on a weekday. It’s your race! Make it work for you!

Unlike traditional road races, virtual races do not provide chipped timings. Many work on the “honor system” with the participant submitting their finish times online or via email. Other virtual races use an app which links to the participant’s running watch. Check how to submit your finish time before you register.

Now that you understand the reasons why virtual races can be fun and motivating, here are a few virtual races that you can run in April. Some are local races that are offering virtual races in place of road races, but all are guaranteed to keep you motivated and moving forward.

April Virtual Races

Virtual Road Races

Best Damn Race New Orleans

I might be biased because I personally know the Best Damn Race organizers, but from start to finish, the Best Damn Race team truly do the BEST DAMN job when it comes organizing local races. Since the BDR New Orleans was cancelled, the organizers decided to bring this amazing SUGAR SKULL bling and swag to its fans and participants around Tampa Bay and around the world in the way of a virtual race, the 5K and half marathon distance.

  • 5K – $25/Half Marathon – $35 (+$3.25 processing fee)  
  • 5K Bib or half marathon bib
  • 5K skull medal or half marathon skull medal
  • T-Shirt Choice between Women’s Cut Raspberry Color or Unisex Cut Purple
  • Skull Sticker
  • Crazy Skull Socks. Choice between Medium or Large Size
  • BDR Bag
  • April 23 deadline

St. Pete Running Company’s 6th Anniversary  6K Run

  • $20.00 (+shipping)
  • (3.72 miles)
  • Sunny Runner Medal
  • St Pete Running Company Race Bib
  • Surprise swag item
  • $10 Gift Card to St Pete Running Company
  • Supporting and Celebrating your local running store
  • Time submitted on social media

Space Coast Classic 2020 Covid-19 Edition

  • 15K $40 + $3.50 fee
  • 2 mile $25 + $3.50 fee
  • Space Coast Covid t-shirt

Irving Marathon

  • Marathon $64.99/Half $64.99/10K $34.99/5K $34.99 + $3 processing fee
  • Finisher shirt
  • Medal
  • Bib
  • Race bag
  • Registration ends April 29

Easter Virtual Races

Easter Egg 5K

  • $40 ($30 no shirt) + $3.95 processing fee
  • Easter candy bunny and chick medal
  • Registration ends April 11
  • No time submission necessary

World’s Largest Bunny Hop

  • 6.2 miles
  • $27 for hinged egg medal (shipping included)
  • Additional $27 for t-shirt
  • Completed between by 4/10 – 4/13
  • Additional 5% off purchases unti April 13
  • Benefits The Restaurant Employee Relief Fund 
  • Log miles via Yes.Fit app

Autism Awareness

US Road Running Autism Awareness

  • 1 Mile, 5K, 5 Miles, 10K, 10 Miles, 13.1 Miles, 25 Miles, 50 Miles or 100 Miles
  • Includes multiple sports (Running/ Walking/ Hiking/ Cycling/ Swimming/ Mountain Biking/ Rowing/ Downhill Skiing/ Cross-Country Skiing/ Snowboarding/ Skating/ Wheelchair/ Nordic
    • Walking/ Camping/ Elliptical/ Duathlon/ Triathalon)
  • $13.99 (includes shipping)
  • Bib
  • Runners with puzzle tree medal
  • Time submitted and posted on site (optional)

Virtual Strides Virtual Slides

  • $29
  • 5k/10k/Half Marathon 
  • Sliding puzzle medal
  • Bib (+5 fee)
  • Lucky winner selected to win a Virtual Strides medal hanger and $50 gift card
  • Benefits Organization for Autism Research

Covid-19 Themed Races

Un-Cancelled Project

  • FREE
  • 5K, 10K, Half Marathon, Marathon, and Ultra (31+ miles)
  • Reoccurring each week
  • Weekly themes
  • Submit your times by linking your watch or manually

Stay At Home 5K

  • $19.99 + tax
  • Printable bib
  • House medal
  • Log miles via Strava
  • Benefits Kids in Distress
  • Enter email for race discount

I Run 2 Fight the Quarantine 15

  • $34.99 until 4/12 (+ $7.95)
  • 5K
  • “No 15” medal
  • T-shirt or tank
  • Bib
  • Benefits Feeding America
  • Social media for time submission

Stay At Home 5K, 10K, Half Marathon

  • FREE (if you choose race only option)
  • Race Day – April 25
  • 5K, 10K, Half Marathon
  • $29.95 for house race medal
  • Printable bib ($6)
  • Tank and tee options (cost depends on selection)
  • Honor system for time reporting
  • Benefits the Wander Project

Social Distancing Challenge

  • $40
  • Any distance – “How far can you go solo?”
  • Medal
  • T-shirt
  • Join Facebook Group for accountability
  • Ongoing through 2020

Conquer Covid

  • $28 for marathon, half marathon, 10K, 5K
  • Race day May 15
  • Covid toilet paper medal
  • Decal
  • Temporary tattoo
  • Shirt (+ $10)
  • Benefits local running stores in your home state
  • Submits results online #IRunResponsibly

Love The Run You’re With

  • $99
  • 5K, 10K or 10 miles
  • Four races over four months (April, May June, July)
  • Four interlocking medals
  • Big
  • Shades
  • Includes 4-month training plan to increase miles each month
  • Monthly swag
  • Exclusive Facebook group
  • Tank (+ $21)

Crazy Tiger Run

  • 5K, 10K or Half Marathon
  • $19.99 + tax
  • Enter email for race discount
  • Printable bib
  • Mullet-wearing tiger medal
  • Log miles via Strava
  • Benefits Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary 

Will you sign up for a virtual race? Which one will you go for?