Even More Random Thoughts about Running and Weight Loss

Alternative Title – Janathon Days 22, 24 and 25


Well, Tiffany and I made it through 8 miles.  It wasn’t the best run, but we did it.  At least, I got to catch up with Tiffany for an uninterrupted 2 hours and burned 746 calories in the process.


Day 22

8 Miles

Time 1:57:12

Ave Pace 14:39

Max Pace 9:12


Sunday I rested and then on Monday I missed my 5:00 a.m. “Me Time”, so I decided to load up Liam and the stroller for a Mom’s Mid-Morning Run at Suncoast Running.  Tracey (the owner), Amy (a new running friend) and I ran 3 miles with a screaming baby in tow, but at least I got my miles in that day.  He eventually fell asleep.


Day 24

3.1 Miles

Time 36:43

Ave Pace 11:51

Max Pace 9:21


This morning I found the energy for 4 miles at 5:00 a.m. and I’m so glad I did because the forecast called for severe thunderstorms for most of the day.  But I think I had a little too much energy this morning, because my knee has been bothering me all day.  Since I volunteered to chaperone my daughter’s field trip, I had planned Wednesday to be a rest day.  Now, I’m glad I did so I could give my knee a rest.  I hope it’s nothing too serious and that I just need new shoes.


Day 25

4 Miles

Time 46:32

Ave Pace 11:39

Max Pace 9:31


On my day of rest on Sunday, I decided to bite the bullet and register for the Gasparilla Half Marathon.  So, naturally my knee would start bothering me afterwards!  UGH!


As for my weight loss, I did really well this week despite eating out twice. My sister and I enjoyed lunch at Moon Under Water and I ate the tuna sashimi, seaweed salad and a side of edamame.  YUM!   As much as I could have killed for a glass of wine, I only drank water.


Then, after the Gasparilla Parade (Pics will be posted tomorrow for Not-So-Wordless Wednesday, so stay tuned!), my family and I ate at Bella’s Italian Cafe.  DOUBLE YUM!  Again, no wine and I only ate a small piece of bread, a small portion of Ceasar salad and I only ate half of my Lasagna Con Pollo.  Funny thing, after weeks of portion control, I could only eat half of my dinner and I couldn’t even stomach the thought of dessert.  I was FULL and that rarely ever happens!


Truthfully, I think another dry week caused me to get the DTs and that is what helped me lose another 4 pounds for a grand total of …WAIT FOR IT…10 POUNDS!


You would think weighing less would be less of a burden to my knees.  Not so much.


***Proudly submitted at The Un Mom’s Random Tuesday Thoughts, because when I blog about my runs, it’s usually pretty random.***



  1. Emily Suess says:

    Awesome! A fellow runner. I found you via The Un Mom.

    My max distance so far is 5 miles while I train to run a faster 5k. One day thought I hope to do a 10k or a half-marathon. That’s waaaaay down the road. So 8 miles is really impressive.

    Anyway, good luck with your goals, and happy random Tuesday. 🙂

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