Soup du Jour Vlog Hop 1-17-13


As this vlog demonstrates, I’m recovering well after the Disney Marathon.  I feel great!  I did fail to mention that after the recording, I was off to volunteer at my kids’ running club.  So much for resting during my recovery week!

I only ran/walk a mile and my 7 year old daughter helped me stick a very slow, easy pace, but I did feel a little something in my Achilles afterwards.  Lots of stretching today!

Watching the video, I just realized that I received a notification during my recording which is the “DROID!” you hear at 3:27.  Whoops. I forgot to turn down the phone volume and/or turn off the notifications. Damn, Facebook!  I should have lifted up my backside, like I let one rip.

Yep, I toot “DROID”.


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