Random Thoughts about My Body Back, Finding My Abs, Sweating, Some Sexy Legs and a PDQ Fundraiser

Last Friday, I completed week 4 of Body Back. I missed last Wednesday’s class the kids and I spent the night at my sister’s in Indian Rock Beach. While we there, I tried to eat well not drink…too much.

Wednesday morning, Allana and I went standup paddleboarding as an alternative to any of my usual workouts. We took turns paddling as we set out, but once we turned around, the wind was strong against us. I paddled on the return trip and had quite the workout.

Thursday morning, I missed my 6 mile tempo run with the Striders. After two days of fun in the sun at my sisters, I needed a rest day.

Body BackOn Friday, I made it back to Body Back for an all ab workout. We planked and did a few other ab exercises that focus on the internal abdomen muscles called the transverse abdominis. By planking and performing exercises that focus on the internal ab muscles, you begin to pull the muscles tighter. As a result, your mommy post-baby belly appears flatter.


ab muscles

Image Source – Mayo Clinic

I guess this Body Back stuff is paying off because my husband finally noticed the other day.  “You look like you I lost weight and your tummy is getting flatter. What have you been doing different?” Hmmmmm….I wonder….

We had a busy weekend, so I took Saturday and Sunday off. Monday, I went for an easy three miles run. I still don’t have a Garmin to clock myself but it took me about 37 minutes to run those three miles.  With about a 12 mm pace, it was definitely an “easy, take your time” run. Later that morning, Allana joined me at spin class.  She loved it and I really enjoyed having her there with me.  It was nice to have a spin buddy even though she made fun of my sweat.

I sparkle

Since Allan is traveling this week, it’s been such a chore fighting with the kids to get them up out of bed during the lazy days of summer. I missed the Express Body Pump class at the Y because my kids didn’t wake up in time. Therefore, yesterday’s workout consisted of household chores and my Sexy Legs (#sexylegs) workout.


Today, I missed another Body Back workout because Allan is out of town and I can’t leave the kids by themselves. However, later this morning, I will make it to Body Pump because I’m not missing another workout at the Y! Allana wants to join me at Pump! YAY for another workout buddy today!

Tonight, I’m hosting my second fundraiser for The Danny Did Foundation at PDQ. If you live in Tampa, I would love for you to join us for this fun family event from 5 pm to 9 pm at the Wesley Chapel PDQ.

PDQ Fundraiser