Cigna: Know Your Health #CignaRunTogether #runDisney

At the beginning of 2016, I set out to make this year my year to get back on track. Despite my setbacks from being injured and gaining weight, it didn’t stop me dreaming of a runDisney race, particularly the Star Wars weekend.

Once January rolled around, I set my goals to lose weight and get fit again and put a plan together to be ready to runDisney. Sadly, I would have to let go of my half marathon and Dark Side Challenge dream and only run a 5K. While thankfully I can still run, however, this once marathon maniac would now have to recognize my limitations. And I could focus on the truly important goal of healing, slowly getting faster, getting healthy and of course, running with my kids.

Then like a sign from the blogger gods and Disney gods above, I received an email from Cigna about a “Know Your Health” Luncheon and Game Show event at EPCOT – #CignaRunTogether during the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend. Although I couldn’t runDisney and the happiest miles on earth, I could still be part of the magical marathon weekend.

EPCOT Walt Disney World #runDisney #CignaRunTogether

In a casual luncheon and game show style format, the Cigna representatives crafted a fun event through interactive questions that cleverly reminded us the importance of preventive care and simple ways to make fitness fun and fit into our daily routines.

Even Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse joined in on the #CignaRunTogether #runDisney fun!

Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and me at #CignaRunTogether #runDisney event

Caitlyn, Jessica and I meet Mickey and Minnie.

#runDisney #CignaRunTogether

Runner Bloggers and Disney Bloggers at the Cigna Know Your Health Luncheon #CignaRunTogether

The game show questions were thought-provoking and the means to answer them required the contestants (us) to get up and move. There lots of reps, yoga poses, dancing and even funny stunts like catching balloons and hands-free pasta pick-ups.

#runDisney #CignaRunTogether

Jessica of Tampa Mom Runs represent our team.

However, all of these silly stunts unfolded the knowledge that most people lack.

Many Americans do not know how to prevent common health issues.

In a recent survey of insured adults conducted by Cigna, 45 percent of Americans say they don’t know that they should have an annual check-up – and half are unaware that if they have insurance, there is no cost for the annual check-up.

So while we all had a good time being silly in a game show setting and played with Mickey and Minnie Mouse, the Cigna Luncheon drove home a single message.

Know your numbers for optimal wellness

  • Body Mass Index (BMI) < 25
  • The appropriate levels of cholesterol (< 200mg – LDL< 100mg/LdL + LDL< 40 mg/HdL)
  • Right amount daily sodium intake (<1000 mg)
  • Insulin levels for optimal health (70 – 100 dL)
Learn additional valuable and magical numbers plus more interesting preventive health tips to take control of your health by visiting

Watch the following video to discover more of the informative and fun Cigna Meetup at EPCOT.



  1. Shannon says:

    What a great event with an important lesson! Love to see brands doing something a bit different to get such key info out there. The games especially look like they were a blast!

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