Pinning and Planning – January 12 {Dinner Menu}

PinningPlanning RunDMT Pinning and Planning   January 5 {Dinner Menu}Did you experience strange delivery delays at your local supermarket last week?

Due to the horrible polar vortex arctic blast weather last week, the delivery trucks in my area had difficulty delivering items.  Oddly, our local supermarket shelves particularly the meat department was very bare.  That’s not good when you have tacos and burgers on the menu.  I wonder if vegetarians experienced any dinner disruptions due to delayed deliveries.

The ground turkey took nearly a week to hit my local supermarket’s meat cooler.  I don’t know how or why turkey meat was affected by the polar vortex, but it was. Maybe the turkeys planned a revolution and timely escape during the polar vortex onset.  Who knew turkeys were such clever birds?!

The tardy ground turkey never arrived in time for our tacos this week.  Therefore, the ground turkey tacos are being added once again to this week’s dinner menu.  Since cool weather blew through once again last night, Soup Sunday is also on the dinner menu again this week.

Here’s what’s on our dinner menu for the week:

Soup Sunday – Garden Minestrone

Meatless Monday – Roasted Veggies Sandwich on Cuban bread

T – Ground Turkey Tacos

W – Chicken and Broccoli with Brown Rice

Th – Brinner (Breakfast for Dinner)  Eggs in the basket

F – Pizza

S – Gasparilla Children’s Parade – Dinner out

Did you experience delivery delays at your supermarket last week? What’s on your dinner menu this week?   What are you pinning and planning?


  1. Jenn @ Jenn Likes It says:

    I don’t have my dinner menu planned out for the week just yet, but I was thinking of making grinner very soon. My in laws gave me a Cuisinart waffle iron that I’m so excited to use. I think I’ll make apple cinnamon waffles first.

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