Random Thoughts About #SexyLegs, Being Sick and “Overweight”

After the Margarita Festival, I came down with yet another allergy-related illness with swollen lymph nodes nasal drip and a chronic wet cough. It was awful and I’m so fed up with getting sick. It was only less than five weeks ago that I was sick for Iron Girl.

Allan read online that an overproduction on canida yeast can cause severe allergy symptoms. To combat it, I should take a daily probiotc. At this point I’m so sick of being sick, I’ll try anything. I’m also going to look into essential oils and even acupuncture.

Last Friday, I had my annual physical. After being frustrated with my high cholesterol, I switched doctors. The new doctor has a more holistic approach and since so many of my friends and my husband love her, I thought I would check out Dr. Lindsay.

Dr. Lindsay was as adorable as everyone said. She asked me about my family’s healthy history (high cholesterol, high blood pressure, dementia, leukemia, strokes, etc.) and my asthma related allergies. Then, she calculated my BMI for 5’1” and 147 lbs (gulp) which is weird because I only just weighed 141 lbs at Body Back the week before, but I’m blaming it on the gallons of margaritas and mucus in my system.

She made some notes and then dictated my physical and said the dreadful words no one wants to hear, “Patient is overweight.”

Wait. What? Come again. What the…? No way.

According to traditional BMI calculations [(Weight in pounds) / (Height in inches) (Height in inches)] x 703], I am overweight with a 27.8 BMI.


Here’s the deal.

I lead a very active lifestyle.

I run regularly.

I lift weights.

I spin.

I wear a size 4.

I eat a well-balanced diet of lean meats and low carbs.

So, how in God’s name am I overweight?


Feeling deflated with a bruised ego, I decided to do some research. A traditional BMI does not take into account my age, my diet and my active lifestyle.


See, this is what is wrong with society. Beauty magazines, Hollywood and an outdated BMI chart tells us that an emaciated skeleton with no muscle tone who falls within the proper BMI range is “healthy”. Fit people need a better method to measure what is healthy. I am not alone in this call to “Ban Bad BMI Charts” action.  Check out this Men’s Health Article for more insight as to why outdated BMI charts should be banned.

On a happier note, tomorrow (Wednesday) is National Running Day. I plan to honor the days with a run along Indian Rocks Beach after celebrating my sister’s 40th birthday today.

National Running Day

Due to my allergy related chest infection, I had to take a week off from running and all my workouts. I felt like such a loser, especially since I just started the Body Back sessions. Two Fridays ago, I completed back-to-back workouts with Body Back and Body Pump. After what felt like a gazillion squats, let’s just say my legs were screaming. I love that feeling!

Body Back RANdom Thoughts About Feeling Invigorated, Vega Sport, Getting My Body Back and Track TuesdayAs part of Body Back, I have to set goals. One of my goals is to remember to eat. This may seem crazy, but sometimes I get caught up with stuff and I skip meals by accident. I need to plan to eat more regularly and journal it all.

My other goal is to cut out cut back on my alcohol consumption and lattes. I’ve already replaced lattes with green tea. Now I just need to minimize my alcohol intake. My liver will thank me. Besides, it’s way too many empty calories anyway.

With the Body Back program, we’re also supposed to add a work-out to our regular routine. I decided to incorporate my sexy legs workout. I created this #SexyLegs workout two years ago and since then, it has been pinned almost 2800 times! Isn’t that CRAZY?! Almost 400 “likes” can’t be wrong, so sexy legs it is this June! If you need a refresher on proper form, view all the instructions, tips and how-to videos here.


Speaking of Sexy Legs, yesterday I did another circuit spin class which meant more squats. Ouch. Today, I wasn’t quite ready to run with my cough still lingering so I just did my #SexyLegs workout with some crunches, push ups and tricep dips.


  1. Haley @ Running with Diapers says:

    Don’t even fret about that silly BMI scale. That is just one of the ways that BM is measured. You are completely right that it’s outdated. If you want a true reading, you can use a skin fold caliper or even use a bioelectrical body fat analyzer.
    Doctor Smoctor….. I say you look great!

  2. VandyJ says:

    I am trying to get more active. I really need to tone up, but finding time and something that fits my schedule that I’m willing to do is hard. I really don’t like the impact running has on my knees and I’m still looking for a body toning routine that will work.

    • Denise says:

      The Body Back program is fits in to a routine easily and the meal plans are practical for busy people too.

  3. allstarme says:

    Yup, that’s my problem. According to the BMI chart, a 5 foot woman is supposed to be an ungodly weight; like I’m supposed to weigh 100 pounds. That wouldn’t be healthy, nor is that my body type. I am a runner and I do T25 but I also had 3 kids, one of which is 10 months old. In my opinion, the BMI chart can bite me!

  4. Kyooty says:

    I think it’s all a farce, I think less numbers on a woman’s weight and size and more on what they can do and achieve is key. You have achieved so much!

  5. Flower says:

    When did size 4 become overweight? WHAT? I must be in an alternate universe because I think you look great.

    On another note, have you been tested for food allergies? Not to jump on the bandwagon but I always scoffed at the idea until last month when I found out that I was allergic to wheat and soy so I cut them out. 35 years of sinus conjestion and sinus infections, gone, just like that. So I thought it was worth a mention….

    • Denise says:

      Thank you for the lovely compliment! xox

      Yes, I’ve been tested three times for allergies. I am allergic to everything environmental (oak, cypress, grass, weed, dog, cat, dust mites,cockroaches,etc) and I have a ton of food allergies too. It’s awful! On a positive note, I started taking a daily probiotic and it seems to be helping.

  6. Debbie says:

    The BMI is just a guideline. If you feel that you are a healthy weight, don’t sweat it. If you’re just feeling a little defensive because a bunch of numbers called you overweight (not obese, remember), you might want to calm down and take a look at at your lifestyle. Being overweight can put you at higher risk for a lot of medical conditions, and while an active lifestyle can turn back some of that, there is still some risk. It is not a judgement on your looks.

    Also, someone above mentioned having to weigh 100 pounds at 5 feet tall to get a decent BMI reading. That is just not true. A 5’0″ woman who weighs 125 has a BMI of 24.4, in the normal range.

    Again, it is just a guideline. Get a body composition test if you want a better idea of your body fat percentage. If you use the calipers, make sure that the person doing the test knows what they’re doing for the most accurate reading.

  7. Stacy Uncorked says:

    Numbers are just that – numbers. No way, at size 4, should you be considered ‘overweight’. Besides, I’ve seen you in person, and looking at all your pictures? You look awesome! Plus you *are* active and eat healthy – just keep doing what you’re doing! I’m 5’3″, but I have the biggest bone structure a woman can have and still look feminine – but I’ve never been in anything smaller than a 6 (and I’m working towards that goal again this year) because anything smaller I’d look emaciated or anorexic. Neither of those looks would make me feel good about myself. 🙂

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