Pinning and Planning – March 24

Spring break has sprung!  The family and I have a week filled with fun, which means healthy meals on the run.  However, timing dinner with the time we arrive home may be difficult or we may be tired to cook dinner after a long day at Busch Gardens.  So, we’ll need to keep the dinners simple.

I don’t know how simple this is to plan, but these plastic eggs filled lunch and snacks on the go look like a fun idea for the kids!  Maybe I can sneak these into Busch Gardens?  They would never suspect lunch inside plastic eggs!

Sunday we’re planning a family get together and cook-out.  Iron chef Allan has mastered the Bobby Flay way to grill a whole chicken, which is a beautiful beast.   By grilling the chicken this way, it cooks evenly and produces a gorgeous, crispy crust.  Basically, you remove the backbone of the whole chicken and then butterfly it.  Here’s a video where Bobby Flay demonstrates his butterfly no-backbone grilled chicken method.

Easter is this Sunday and Iron Chef Allan and I haven’t even planned the meal yet. We love lamb on Easter, so that will probably be the main course.  Then, for side dishes, it will probably be the usual sides such as mashed potatoes, creamed spinach and a large salad.  Traditional foods aren’t the healthiest  but they are comforting and a welcomed break and cheat from healthy eating.

Speaking of cheats, I also need to plan some kind of dessert for the kids.  My oldest daughter loves to help plan and create new dessert ideas.  She had talked about a cupcake Easter basket and then I stumbled upon this Easter basket cupcake with Peeps.  Anything with Peeps is a hit in this house!  There’s also this chick cupcake which is also cute.

Enough about the sweets!  Here’s our dinner menu for the week.  It looks like I thought anything with a tortilla-wrap-sort of meal would keep things simple this week.

S – BBQ Butterfly Grilled Whole Chicken with Mashed Cauliflower and Low Fat Coleslaw

M – Skinnytaste’s Pasta with Asparagus

T – Grilled Jerk Chicken Wraps with Mango Salsa

W – Banging Baked Fish Tacos with (leftover) Low Fat Coleslaw

Th – Chicken-Mushroom {and Spinach} Quesadillas

F – Pizza

S – Grilled Lamb with Creamed Spinach and Mashed Potatoes

Are your kids on Spring Break?  What types of meals do you plan when the kids are home? What ‘s on your Easter menu?


  1. Carli says:

    Lamb for Easter sounds great! We have ham here and I was already told by both of our mom’s that it’s a must. So I guess I don’t have an opportunity to change.

    I love fish tacos but my husband thinks fish in tacos is weird. I still make shrimp tacos. Who can turn down shrimp?

  2. Courtney says:

    I need to try out lamb one of these days, I have had lamb kabobs but not a rack of lamb or anything and I want to try it! The easter egg lunch looks fun, might have to do that on Friday with the girls!

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