Random Tuesday Thoughts About #43Gifts, the #BirthdayProject, #43miles and a Knuckle Lights Giveaway!

On July 27, I turn 43 and to celebrate the occasion, I decided to share 43 gifts before my 43rd birthday. You may remember that I shared 42 gifts last year as part of a #birthdayproject, which included hosting giveaways and a variety of random acts of kindness. Like last year, I plan to complete another  #birthdayproject with #43gifts by hosting giveaways and performing small gestures to pay it forward during my birthday month.

#43gifts #birthdayproject

Also during the month of July leading up to my birthday, I plan to run 43 miles. With training for a marathon, it should be relatively easy to achieve. On my birthday, I plan to host a virtual run. Last year, I loved seeing all the photos of my friends from all over the globe running some miles with me and taking selfies of their sweaty smiles to celebrate my birthday. It was the best gift ever! So let’s do it all again! Who’s with me?

RSVP for my Virtual Birthday Run for Run DMT here. Run whatever you can, wherever you can on Sunday, July 27 and then upload a sweaty selfie to the event page. If you are on Instagram or Twitter, share it with the #RunDMTbdayrun.

On Saturday, I ran 12 miles with Daffodil. It’s so stinking hot here and we just want to finish the miles and not push ourselves. We just took it easy and walked about every mile for about 30 seconds. Who knew 12 miles would go so well?!


On Sunday, I ran an easy 3 miles followed by a ½ mile swim. It felt good to be back in the pool and I couldn’t believe how quickly I finished the swim (under 6 minutes) even with months off. Since my Garmin is off being refurbished, my times are estimates based on the time I leave my house.

3.1 miles
Time 35:00
Ave Pace 11:17

Yesterday, Allana joined me at spin class. There were a lot of climbs yesterday. My legs were toast. Even Allan was sore.

Today, started day one of my 43 miles and I just wanted to run. No sprints, I just wanted run a fast 4.3 miles, but I did throw in some ½ mile sprints for good measure.

4.3 miles
Time 42:00
Ave Pace 9:18

I had planned to do a #sexylegs workout but I ran short on time and promised to take my kids to Adventure Island, which offered me another type of #sexylegs workout climbing the Splash Attack ropes to keep up with my Little Lion Man.

Last week, I had my final evaluation for Session 1 of Body Back. I was really surprised my results. I lost 3 pounds. I dropped about 2 inches off my waist and an inch and a half off my hips. That is INCREDIBLE! Even my overall strength improved! It’s yet another example of how small changes can bring big results.

Body Back

Tomorrow is our final Body Back class. I know Regina is going to really push us hard as a good-bye gift.

Speaking of gifts, as I mentioned before, I’m sharing 43 gifts for my birthday. So, let’s kick-off the giving with a Knuckle Lights giveaway!

These bright LED lights have been a godsend while training for marathons! You may recall me boasting about these before when I borrowed Mica’s light.

IMAG4207 RANdom Thoughts about Being Lost, a Runners High, Some Hills and a Granny Garmin

These lights are so bright, I only use one. Even on the lowest setting (There are three settings:  high, low and blinking.), one Knuckle Light shines bright enough to illuminate a pitch black path. The light fits conformably and ergonomically across my hand and honestly, I often forget I’m wearing it. I seriously love them and I want you to enjoy them too.

Knuckle Lights

I’m giving away a pair of blue Knucke Lights. To enter, simply tell me how you will plan to use them. Will you use your blue Knuckle Lights during the wee dark early morning hours or for a night time run?

Knuckle Lights

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  1. Nanci @ This Crazy Life of Mine says:

    Man, I need these knuckle lights!! Marathon training starts this month, the 28th and with this awful heat, it will mean VERY early morning runs. This will make hubby feel a little better about me being out there if he can’t run with me. Also, wanted to tell you I love that your birthday is July 27, my parents anniversary. 🙂 I’ll be running virtually for you.

  2. Courtney says:

    So timely! I am really struggling with when to run as I try to work around my job and my family. I can occasionally squeeze in a short run before I pick up my son from after-care but the heat and time constraints mean that early morning would be better. But I worry about safety in the dark. Love these lights!

  3. Laurel says:

    I’m a teacher training for my 2nd marathon…I’d use the knuckle lights on my early morning runs before school so I won’t trip on the pavement like I did last year!

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