Pinning and Planning Our Dinner Menu – Week of March 1

For two weekends in a row, I participated in back to back racing events and as a result, I failed to share my family’s dinner menu plan. Although I still planned our dinner menu, I just didn’t share it here as a blog post.

I’m a huge proponent for menu planning. Honestly, it’s the best way to eat healthy and save money on groceries food. When you plan your meals, you only buy what you need and you will find yourself sticking to the plan. It really does work.

But sometimes even when I plan our dinner menu, I still have an off week where I find myself in a dinner planning slump or I lose at the grocery game.  Sometimes I overspend on groceries or buy foods my family didn’t eat.  Or worse, I find myself too exhausted to cook and the Chinese takeout seems like a good option. It happens. Don’t think the guilt doesn’t kill me!

That’s why it’s so important to give ourselves permission to screw up once in a while and start all over. None of us are perfect. We are allowed an unhealthy hiccup or meal planning flop or two.

That’s what I’m doing this week. After two hectic weeks, I’m giving myself permission to attempt a better week this week. That should be an easy fix with the A1A Marathon and the Gasparilla Distance Classic weekend out of the way.

Mind you, this week isn’t any less hectic than the weeks prior, but I need to be more disciplined and stay on track. No more of this “I’m too tired to cook” nonsense! Therefore, this week’s dinner menu offers quick, simple meals for my family’s busy evenings.

Sunday – Salsa Verde Turkey Burgers and Asian Broccoli Slaw

Meatless Monday – Black Beans and Rice

Taco Tuesday – Ground Turkey Tacos

Wednesday – Grilled Mojo Chicken Sandwiches with Cucumber and Tomato Salad

Thursday –  Penne alla Florida Cane Vodka with Grilled Chicken Italian Sausage and Mixed Greens Salad

Friday – Pizza

Run DMT Pinning and Planning Dinner MenuDo you plan your meals every week but still have off weeks? What recipes are you pinning and planning? What’s on your dinner menu this week?


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  1. Becky Fox says:

    I totally agree, meal planning is so important to stay on track! One trick I’ve learned for those days when I don’t feel like cooking, is to make large batches of meals and freeze part of them. You can then easily pull them out of the freezer and de-thaw the extras on those off days. Things like chili, sloppy joe, or soups work really well! This way you don’t have to cook every night.

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