Pinning and Planning – March 2 {Dinner Menu}

Mardi Gras is in the air!  That means our dinner menu will be full of tasty Mardi Gras meals.  Since hubby is traveling out of town again this week, I plan to keep the Mardi Gras festivities and foods easy and simple.

 Friday Food Fight   The Recipes

Allan will make a huge pot of gumbo that will last us all week. I may even need to freeze some of it.  Instead of the usual maple syrup cornbread that we serve with the gumbo, I’m serving a King Cake for a different sweet for the heat. It’s something special we do once a year for the kids and they love finding the little plastic baby inside the cake.  I found all these fun, simple King Cake recipes on Pinterest, but Betty Crocker’s Quick King Cake sounds like a winner to me.

Tuesday Day is Fat Tuesday also known as Pancake Day in our house.   Can you guess what will be on the menu morning and night on Tuesday?

 Perfect Pancakes

In addition to all the fun NOLA foods on the menu this week, we’ll also make something with mushrooms because my oldest daughter, Allana has been craving them lately.  A mushroom craving typically means a lack of potassium, iron, selenium or Vitamin D. Since Allana eats a lot of yogurt and drinks plenty of milk, I’m sure it’s not a lack of Vitamin D, however, she doesn’t like bananas. She hates them. Hopefully, a bit of mushroom stroganoff on the menu for Meatless Monday will fix that vitamin deficiency and craving real fast.

Here’s our dinner menu for the week:

S – Chicken AndouilleSausage Gumbo and King Cake for dessert

Meatless Monday – Mushroom Stroganoff

Fat Tuesday/Pancake Day – Iron Chef Allan’s Perfect Pancakes

W – Perfect Shrimp Po’ Boys

Th – Pasta with Asparagus

F – Pizza

What’s on your dinner menu this week?   Are you serving up anything special for Mardi Gras? What recipes are you pinning and planning?

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  1. Mary @ Fit and Fed says:

    I love mushroom stroganoff! You got very lucky in having kids who like mushrooms. Mine were good eaters, but two out of three hate mushrooms! One thing my husband and I are really looking forward to about the empty nest is more mushroom dishes on the menu!

  2. Kate says:

    We don’t really do too much more mardi gras….I am making a great paleo spaghetti pie though, so I am really looking forward to that!

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