Pinning and Planning Our Dinner Menu – Week of January 11

I can proudly say we successfully survived the first week of 2015 between back to school routines and my marathon training. However, this week Iron Chef Allan travels out of town for work. Will we survive week two?

Although we are into week two of a new year, I’m into week three of marathon training. Last week, I mentioned that I planned to gauge my intake as to not out eat my caloric burn while training. I downloaded MyFitnessPal to log all my food, exercise and water intake and I was really surprised at the results.


Recording my food is such a stretch and true personal growth for me as I NEVER log my food. For years, I’ve mentally tracked my food, calories, protein, carbs, points, etc as a product of a Weight Watchers generation, but this is different from that.  I am recording the real, yummy food that I eat every day and I can proudly say, I do all right by eating the right amount of food. I feed my body the sufficient amount of protein necessary for the intense, long distance running I do.

But I’m not going to lie. I love my beer and wine. There, in lies the problem. I think I out DRANK my caloric burn with one too many craft beers. So it’s really interesting to record it all, see the caloric intake of everything I eat and burn off. All while practicing a little self-restraint in the process.

Now, let’s hope I can survive flying solo for a few days and not go on a bender craddling a wine bottle after the kids go to bed. Here’s to hoping I don’t fall off the My Fitness Pal wagon! I’ll drink a appropriately portioned, 5oz glass of red wine to that. Cheers!

Here’s our dinner menu for the week.

Sunday – Turkey Burgers with Oven-Baked Fries

Meatless Monday – Penne and Asparagus

Tuesday – Progressive Dinner at Roux (Loaded Baked Potatoes for the kids)

Wednesday – Black Beans and Rice with Baked Plantains

Thursday – Ground Turkey Meatballs and Zaghetti (Zucchini Spaghetti)

Friday – Homemade Pizza

Saturday – Monster Jam (Dinner out)

Run DMT Pinning and Planning Dinner MenuWhat’s on your dinner menu this week? What recipes are you pinning and planning?


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